One of the best experiences I’ve had in Victoria, was Sky Diving through Nagambie Sky Dive!

This is not something I ever saw myself doing, but in a brief moment of bravery I got myself harnessed up and there was no going back after that. As the divers say “there’s only one way out of this plane once you’re in it” (Hint* it’s not stepping out directly onto solid ground!)

Once you’ve signed your waiver they send you through to be harnessed up. These are all professionally fitted to you to ensure that you will be completely safe when you are in the air and the staff are extremely friendly and great at alleviating the worries of nervy first time jumpers! Then you’re heading out to the plane.. For my tandem jump I was paired up with a diver who was a veteran of over 20, 000 jumps!

I also opted to have my jump filmed which is one of the best souvenirs of anything ever. A solo diver, jumps out after you and circles around with a go pro filming and snapping your descent and then they edit it all together into a great little movie for you to take home!

My jump was from 14,000ft and included a minute or so of freefall. It was the most amazing experience and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who hasn’t done it before!
Nagambie Sky Dive also offers courses for those looking to get qualified as solo jumpers. A friend of mine undertook the course there and has had nothing but absolutely glowing things to say about the course. If I was brave enough to do it anywhere, it would definitely be here!