Of course there are pubs everywhere so what's special about this one? Well the Full Moon is legendary in the area as being the place to be. Food is outstanding quality and there are often specials such as $15 reef and beef night. You often find buy one get one free shop a dockets too which is what I use when I go. Make sure to check shopadockets.com before you go for a bargain voucher. The best thing though is the view. Right at the top of the bay on the Sandgate/Shorncliffe border the deck runs the full length of the building providing perfect views of the sea and beautiful bay breezes. Whether you want a night out, see a comedian, win at trivia or just a quiet spot for lunchtime, the Full Moon is a perfect stroll from Sandgate centre along the cliff top. Please note I am not affiliated in any way with this establishment, just a happy customer!