Does skydiving bring out the scaredy cat in you? If the thought of jumping out of a perfectly good plane has you running for the hills, maybe it’s time to face your fear head on and experience exactly what skydiving is like.

Are There Any Benefits to Skydiving?

First time jumpers often don’t realise that there any many health benefits to skydiving, and some of them last a lot longer than you would expect. Most of the benefits are psychological and emotional, helping you forget any worries you have on the ground and helping you to de-stress. Some of the main health benefits of skydiving include:

• Stress relief – the rush of adrenaline you get when you skydive can help cleanse your mind, as well as your body, giving you something to focus on other than what goes on day to day. This allows you to forget those things that cause you stress and just enjoy the moment.
• Physical benefits – skydiving can help build upper arm strength, while moving your skydiving gear around burns those calories and helps to tone the muscles.
• Challenging yourself – often we get stuck in a rut and forget to take on things that challenge us. Skydiving is a great way to challenge yourself to try something new, and once you’ve done it, you’ll be looking for more things to take on.
• Confidence boosting – you know that feeling when you have achieved something you didn’t think you would be able to? Imagine that feeling over and over again, for days. Skydiving can help boost your confidence levels.
• Face your fears – the biggest reason to skydive even when you are scared is the ability to face your fears head on.

There is nothing scarier than jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air but when you’ve done it, the benefits are enormous.

What is the Lowest Level Jump I Can Do?

The lowest level skydive you can jump from is 8,000ft which gives you 20 seconds of free fall time. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, or you really want to face those fears you can also jump from 10,000ft (30 seconds free fall), 14,000ft (60 seconds free fall) or 15,000ft (66 seconds free fall). Once you get to 5,000ft, your tandem instructor deploys the main parachute and you can then enjoy a 5-minute ride before landing safely. This is the best time to take in the views and really marvel at what’s below you.

Is Skydiving Like What the Movies Show?

Well that depends on what movies you watch! As with many things, most action movies do have it wrong – you will be perfectly safe doing a tandem skydive with an experienced instructor, and there certainly won’t be any struggle or delay in deploying the parachute.

How Do I Know When to Jump?

One of the best things about doing a tandem skydive is that you really don’t need to do anything but follow what your instructor tells you to do. Your instructor will advise you the position you need to get your body into, and they will tell you when it is time to jump. As long as you follow the directions of your instructor, you will have a great experience.

How Safe is it to Jump?

As much as jumping out of a perfectly good plane doesn’t sound overly safe, tandem skydiving in Australia is, in fact, really quite safe to do. With all the safety gear that your instructor carries, the safety requirements skydiving companies need to follow and the number of hours jumping your instructor is required to have, you are in pretty safe hands. Despite this, there is of course an element of risk involved with skydiving, so make sure you read your waiver properly before you take the leap.

Let’s Be Honest – Is it Scary?

First time skydivers often find the lead up to the skydive to be the scariest part; the anticipation builds up and their mind goes into overdrive. The “scary factor” peaks just before you jump out of the plane, but after that, exhilaration takes over and you forget all about the fact that you are a complete scaredy cat.

Skydiving is a great way to get your confidence up and beat that fear factor. If skydiving is something you’ve always wanted to do, do it with one of the best views in Australia over Rottnest Island. Skydive Geronimo offer a range of skydives over Rottnest, landing right on the beach. Don’t be a scaredy cat in 2020 – give skydiving a go!