South Dowling Sandwiches has long had the crown for best sandwiches in Sydney. A small shop on South Dowling Street, they churn out hundreds of delicious bread & filling mountains with speed & ease every weekday & saturday, often to a long line of starving patrons.

The best approach is to decide early what you want - you won't have time to decide once you're at the counter. The favourite is the Chili chicken (I think it's especially good with extra cheese & avo), however you can choose from 8 or 9 of their standards, or design your own. If you're really hungry, ask for the 'special' - an add on which fills your sambo with everything from pickled carrots to potato salad.

For those carb-fearing folk, you can also get any of the sandwiches made as a salad - either way you won't have room for much else!