Try your hand at stand up paddle boarding at Balmoral Beach. The water is mostly calm here and the waters are crystal blue so it creates a relaxing experience! When there's not a lot of wind around, Balmoral is the perfect place for beginners to try out stand up paddleboarding.

The friendly people at the Boatshed will hire you a paddle board for about $30 for you to give it a shot yourself and try your hand at standup paddle boarding. For those less confident, the team at the boatshed also offer supervised lessons. If you're a first timer its worth having an hour of instruction. After your paddle have a swim and then explore one of the local cafes/restaurants. Fish and chips takeaway on the corner is a local's treat (just watch out for cheeky seagulls who want your chips!).

There are buses down to Balmoral if you don't have a car (check the sydney buses website) and there's a fair bit of parking available if you feed the meters. Be warned though - Balmoral is a locals favourite on a hot summer day so getting parking may be difficult!