Located in Carlton, walking distance from Melbourne Central Train Station is Draculas Theatre Restaurant.

The venue is entirely themed, from the venue itself, to the staff and performers and even the menus!

Bookings are essential and you have a choice of either "Cabaret" ticketing or "VIP" tickets and both of these get you a three course meal, tickets to the show, a ghost train ride and if you got the VIP tickets you also get a free glass of champage, canapes and a gift bag on arrival.

The show changes once a year, usually around end of October/beginning of November and every year it is absolutely hysterical. I've seen the last few years worth of shows "Sin & Tonic", "Spiderlash", "Bloodbath" & "Retrovampt" and they have a new show coming up called "Terrorbyte".

There is an onsite Ghost Train which takes you down into the theatre for the show and your meals. Your waiters are called "Draculettes" and are completely made up in special effects make up and stay in character the entire time they serve you. They are just as entertaining as the show itself, they even great you outside for some heckling before you enter the venue. The food is nice but that's not what you go for. The real fun starts with the show.

The "Spinecrunchers" are a vampyric duo of Jazz musicians that entertain you until all guests have arrived and then the show kicks off. The show is a vaudeville mix of comedy acts, ariel and acrobatics, musical numbers, dance routines and stand up comedy and you absolutely cannot fault the performers. They are high energy and extremely talented. The best part is that they are very interactive with the audience.

The menu has 5 choices for you to choose from (including a vegetarian option) and the drinks list is huge, including a large range of themed cocktails. You can't take photos of the show but you can take photos of all the great props and things throughout the venue so make sure you bring your camera!

10/10, do not pass it up if you are in Melbourne!