The Organ Pipes National Park is an amazing testament to old time Australia in Keilor North. Approximately 20km north west from the CBD you can uncover a glimpse into Australia before colonisation. A rare and interesting find. The name Organ Pipes comes from the columns of ancient molten lava, cooled and cracked over the years to resemble the musical instrument, organ pipes. The steep walk back to the car is definitely worth the downhill stroll to what can only be described as awe inspiring! Keep an eye out for all the local flora and fauna native to the area. In addition to the Organ Pipes, there are also other national treasures such as Rosette Rock and Tessellated Pavement. We brought a packed lunch and spent the day having a picnic with friends among Australia's rich ancient culture. It was a really unique experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to do something different for the day!