Run by an actual Special Forces badass, this place absolutely rocks. Its an indoor paintball arena which is constantly being redesigned and changed (thanks to moveable walls) so no two games are ever the same. Prices are great for the quality of the arena, variation in games, and attentiveness of the staff. Its a great place for friends, bucks or hens parties, or for a regular weekly hobby that is also a great workout. Great place to meet some crazy but pretty cool people too.

Its not uncommon to run into a team of army guys there (the army barracks is not too far away) practicing urban warfare tactics - thankfully, they're also usually really nice so if you bump into them, ask for a few tips and tricks.

Its enough fun as is, but often they do combat game days where there is a scenario, teams competing, and a grand prize. Every Thursday, Francis (special forces badass) runs combat training nights also!