The summit walk is the longest bushwalk on the island and the most rewarding, it's about a 2hr round trip and takes you right to the top of island and then down again.

The summit walk is a round trip so there are two ways you can start the trek, either from behind the resort or from the campgrounds. Starting from behind the resort (about room 213) the incline is steeper and provides a quicker path to the top. The path from campgrounds is less of a steep incline but is a lot longer because it's less steep. Take plenty of water and maybe some snacks for the trip.

There are plenty of stops on the way up that you can't help but stop, admire the scenery and take some photos.

The hike is a decent walk so you should take some decent shoes and plenty of water to combat the hot summer heat.

Not far from the start of the walk from the resort start of the track, in the dense rainforest we came across a black and blue butterfly colony which was magical to see!