This family owned and run business is on the outskirts of Port Macquarie on the highway going north,
is a real treat to visit. You can pick hydroponically grown strawberries with a bucket and scissors
from greenhouses bursting with fresh, ripe strawberries. This is fantastic as you don’t have to bend
down and get dirty to gather your succulent fruit and take home a bucket of ripe strawberries. Their
jams and relishes are award-winning with interesting combinations like passionfruit and tomato jam.
The tomatoes taste like they used to before mass production - Tangy and amazing! The café onsite
offers meals, snacks and great coffee if you are wanting something to eat. Onsite within the café is a
mini shop where you can buy locally produced goods like honey, pasta, herbs and seeds, sweets and
spices. This is a regular stop-off for locals and tourists alike with many tour operators taking busloads
through to examine the hydroponic set up of this marvellous local producer.