Flip out has recently opened in SA in Munno Para. Which is approximately a 40 minute drive from Adelaide CBD. You can book a session online or walk in - you must sign a waiver for all participants before they can start either online or in person. There is multiple staff at each activity to ensure participants of all ages are looked after safely. There is basketball trampolines, foam pits for tricks, ninja warrior and parkour areas, standard trampolines and area just for little ones. Whilst the parents if not joining can sit upstairs in their open plan cafe and sip coffee and chat whilst the kids have fun. We booked a 2 hour session for a 14, 11 and 7 year old and they didn’t come back until the 2 hours were up! The equipment was clean, well maintained and the music wasn’t too loud. The staff were lovely and helpful and spent time occupying smaller children to stay out of harms way. I highly recommend this for kids and adults of all ages for a fun few hours. Every one will sleep well after their time at flip out!