Mumbo Jumbos, located on Terrigal esplanade, Central Coast, New South Wales. Is a bar and restaurant with a Caribbean styled influence. The bar is rooftop bar with a beer garden overlooking Terrigal beach with amazing scenic views. The atmosphere is truly magical. They have amazing staff and it is also a very mixed crowd. Perfect for people young and old!
They have incredibly yummy foods- seafood platters, vegan platters, chicken wings, burgers, corn cob, you name it they have it! Cool cocktails with somewhat strange names such as "Beyoncé"

One of the only things I would suggest is to avoid it on Friday, Saturdays and especially Sundays (Us Coasties have big Sunday Seshes) if you aren't a peoples person. Mumbos on Sundays can get extremely packed- No seating and loads of people standing around, waiting in long lines for toilets, drinks etc. You defiantly would be lucky to get a seat or table on these days unless you pre book them.