Roma Street Parklands. A green space right in the city. It’s very well know amongst locals and visitors alike. But have you ever properly explored? We’ve all been through on the way to the station, or to watch a show at stage. Or even for a weekend boot camp! But have you ever fully explored the secret, colourful, vibrant and interesting little gardens? There’s a new, exciting thing to look at around every corner.

My favourite way of enjoying these beautiful gardens, with their water features, flower walls and animal topiary is with a picnic-brunch on the way to the city, a lunchtime treat with the kids or a romantic evening picnic. Because the parklands aren’t just a day activity-at dusk the lights come alive and illuminate the water to create the most magical scene.

To top it all off you are more than likely to come across the fabulous wildlife which makes its home in the parklands. Frogs, lizards, birds..I’ve had to hop over a lizzie many a time on my morning runs through the park as they bask in the sunlight!

If you’re in the mood for a hot picnic there are also many bbqs, tables and areas for eating. But I prefer finding a quiet bench and surrounding myself in nature.