I entered the Cat Café reception to a friendly human who registered me in. Her assistant didn’t batter an eyelid as he slept in his cosy looking bed – Jasper the cat. I was then greeted by Sherlock, the pure white ‘bouncer’, behind the ground floor door. He looked me up and down and went back to his position.

The room was huge, decked out with the coolest cat toys, scratching posts, couches and cushions. I was mildly jealous of the cats getting to spend time in such a clean and homely environment. I looked up and saw the cats’ staircase against the wall. Now I was jealous I wasn’t a cat. After patting and talking to Sherlock and a tabby I took the human steps. I was met by an even bigger room. I spotted a state-of-the-art run along the ceiling. The cats were all snug as bugs in their beds except for Waldo who was at the window watching birds.