Canyon Lookout at the Springbrooke National Park is one of my favourite places to escape to on the Gold Coast. Living in such a fast paced society and constantly feeling like my surroundings never sleep sometimes it all becomes too much and you start to want some quiet time. This is what Canyon Lookout provides. The fresh air, the peaceful atmosphere and unimaginable views lets you forgot about all the worries and dramas that come with living busy lifestyles and allows you to drift off into a wonderland of picturesque green mountains and stunning nature that the earth has naturally provided us with. Perfect for a couple looking for something to do for a romantic date or even a group of friends that feel like being adventurous, getting outdoor and exploring for the day. Unfortunately, mother nature needs her beauty sleep and is only open to the public on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 5pm. Every thing needs its beauty sleep in order to stay beautiful and beautiful is exactly what Canyon Lookout is. :)