Try the bush walks in Ku-ring-chase national park. The west head is awesome and provides magnificent views but when you are done exploring the main routes, dive into the side tracks. We explored the salvation loop track and took the extended routes beyond the steep descents and the lookouts. The water view presents itself after the long journey and provides the refreshing relief.
Discover the unique wildflowers that grow here. The best time to see them in full bloom is the spring season. Choose a day when it is not going to rain and temperatures are between 18-25 degrees for best experience. Apart from the stunning banksia flowers, the tracks offer an exclusive collection wildflowers. Pictures attached should pique your interest!
The track also provides opportunity for some up close and personal encounters with Sydney's wildlife. We encountered this exceptional lizard (black with three yellow dots on his face on either sides). He had made home under a rick and was living with his mate. Initially he was quite shy, but after some persuasion and persistence, he happily posed for the pictures.