Gallary Walk in Eagle Hights is an amazing and must-visit place.
On both sides of the road there are shops that sell variety of products many of which are hand-made products.
For those who want to have a feel of the old days, this place takes you back there with the old design of stores and the products they sell.
If you love tea, like me, make sure you walk into Tamborine Tea store. Oh my God, my reaction was. By the way, this store was the main reason I visited that place as a friend told me about it knowing that I love tea. Hundreds of varieties of tea with amazing flavours. Be prepared to spend money though :).

You can buy a lot of antique stuff as well as hand-made toys that resemble the past.
I can call this place 'a survival from the past'. People, old ones especially, will definitely love it and will visit it again and again.