Es Bruc is perfectly positioned high up looking down on the sant tomas beach, all the tables in the restaurant have a view of the ocean and the breeze coming in off the sea is welcomed on a hot Mediterranean day.

If you're driving around menorca then.the trip to Sant Tomas to have lunch at Es Bruc is a great stop for lunch.

The food is reasonably priced for being on holidays (3 mains, 2 salads and a bottle of wine cost us €67), there's a decent kids menu and the food is what you expect from the area.

There's parking near the restaurant and stairs down to the beach for a swim before or after so it's a perfect spot to take the kids.

The restaurant is split into two parts but both are the same, there are two queues for getting a table, one for each side of the restaurant so if the queue at the entrance is long then shuffle to the other one (it's at the top of the steps to the beach).

Good value, decent food and an amazing view. Highly recommended for lunch.