Cala Mitjana is a secluded cove that requires a 10-15 minute bushwalk to uncover. Once you glimpse the cove and it's clear blue waters, the luxury boats moored just out to sea and people jumping freely into the water from the rocks, you'll find that the walk has been well worth it!

The water at Cala Mitjana is the pristine azure blue you expect from the Mediterranean, there's a sandy beach to park on for the day or rocks around the rim of the bay to sit on, jump in and ladders to climb out from.

To the left of the beach at Cala Mitjana is a good height cliff jump, the jump is about 8m at its lowest point, there's a 10m a ledge too if you're feeling crazy and a ridiculous height ledge that must have been 15 or 16metres high that a couple of nutbags jumped from. The water's not that deep so you can't dive, it's filled with risk but the kids there seemed to enjoy themselves. You can walk up to the cliffs from the beach or swim around and do a bit of a rock climb to get up.

Compared to other beaches at menorca, Cala Mitjana wasn't anywhere near as packed. There are areas to plonk a towel on the rocks or squish in at the beach.

Near where kids are landing from the rock jump are a couple of caves you can swim into which are a bit of fun.

There are no amenities at the Cala Mitjana beach so don't go expecting cocktails to be served to you, take some water and snacks if you're planning to be there for the day.

Parking can be a bit of a hassle so take the closest spot you can find and you can and then follow the signs when you're walking until you hit the bush track.

The scenery and the Mediterranean waters is unrivalled at beaches we looked at while there. 10/10 must do.