Wow, this little gem is more than just a coffee stop or resturant it is a local institution. It is really three beautiful presented, individual havens coexisting for your pleasure.
The café, open from 6.30 has a lovely breakfast and lunch menu with substantial daily specials and suburb coffee, the likes of which you see in specialty cafes in Brunswick.
The bar open from lunch time is a beautiful set up room, like a classic wine club with a snacking menu and an excellent aray of wines from the region.
The third interconnected building is the freshly designed restaurant serving amazing modern Japanese dinners. Not only do you have these three amazing options there is also a beer garden with grassed area for summer afternoons and a movie theater out the back! The Tuesday night dinner and movie date deal is excellent. The service is lovely and the range of pantry foods for sale in the café gives the whole place an air of ‘foody heaven’. Just across from the train station it is well worth a trip from the city just to stop for lunch and then catch the train home again.