If you love a good stroll and have an hour or two up your sleeve, check out the river walk that runs from Marsden Weir Park near the Fitzroy St bridge to the end of Bellevue St.

At the Weir, you will find a picnic ground with toilets, a playground, an outdoor gymn and a swampy wetland full of baby fish that dart about in the shallows like tiny black slits in summer and autumn – perfect for young children to explore with a parent on hand.

Along the path you'll find ancient rose bushes, tangled along fencelines of forgotten farmlands edging the river, a gaggle of geese, stands of tall swooshy native grasses (perfect for plaiting), dramatically angled rock striations hinting at a turbulent geological past, a quaint historical utility outhouse, English willows, native bamboos, and the occasional swarm of tadpoles.

Be sure to take your hat, sunscreen and water as there isn't much shade or drinking water, and remember the public toilets are at the Weir end of the walk.