One of the key points to check before you go is low tide and weather conditions. It’s also important to go in the morning so the sun doesn’t set over the cliffs. IMPORTANT going during low tide ensures the easiest travel to the rock pools as well as the safest. I personally go there barefoot so I have good grip, but any shoes with good grip should be fine.

To get to the pools you’ll first need to get to north head in manly and then follow the signs to Blue Fish Point. Keep following blue fish drive until you get to a dead end with fences all around it, this is the water treatment plan. If you are driving, you’ll have to park here WITHOUT BLOCKING any entrances or exits to the facility. On the right side of the fence will be a little path, follow it around the fence, keeping the fence to your left. It will be quite a little while but you’ll get there! Next will be a set of timber stairs, follow them down, and keep following the fence.

You’ll reach a point with a sign saying “dangerous high cliff”. Head to your right, in the direction of the bush where there will be signs of foot traffic. Follow this until you get to a “tower” with a fence around it right on the edge of the cliff. Standing on the cliffs edge, look down to your left, you should see an old bunker covered in graffiti
You should reach a point where there is a sign saying ‘Careful dangerous high cliff’. Head to your right, in the direction of the bush. There will be signs of a track and of frequent traffic from people. Follow this until you get to a tower of some sort that is fenced around, right on the edge of the cliff.

Standing on the cliff’s edge, look to the right. That is the location of ‘Bluefish Point’, You’ll be able to tell by the rock pools that have remained full when the tide has gone low.

If you look down to your left, you’ll see an old army bunker covered in graffiti. Head down in that direction, making your way through bush. Once you have reached the bunker, be sure to take in the surroundings, and look out for the odd whale passing by. You could totally stop your adventure here, maybe have a picnic because the view will be spectacular! Id also recommend a little rest stop here if you will continue.

Looking towards the ocean if you head a little left you’ll see rocks below, carefully make your way down these, then afterwards heading in front of the bunker that was just above you. You’ll find a chain that has been put there to climb down. It looks a little daunting from the top but it’s not! There are little holes in the rocks which come in hand for your hands and fingers and feet, the chain is honestly a little redundant, more there for security.

Once you’ve climbed down the chain, facing the ocean head to your left, following the cliffs edge. Beware of slippery seaweed and rocks. Take it nice and slow and carefully. You’ll finally end up at the rockpools which are absolutely breathtaking totally worth it.

Some important things:
- pack lightly in a backpack but with plenty of water and some snacks
- I’d recommend no shoes or good, high grip shoes
- If you go swimming in the rockpools (which you should!) be aware of sea urchins (I stepped on one once and it was not fun!). I’d recommend some water shoes or just to be very careful when standing in the water and getting in, out of it.
- Another activity you could do is snorkelling which I’m sure would be spectacular!

Have fun on your adventure! Take care!