Mort Bay has a great playground for children, as well as lots of grassy areas for running and ball games. It is a popular spot for dog walkers with off leash walking available!

There is a basketball hoop and views of the harbour bridge! You may also fish their recreationally, although it is harbor water. If you like walking, you can walk around the edge of the bay all the way to Birchgrove!

People also often bring down their barbecues and picnic rugs for a great afternoon out! It is very popular for children's birthday parties, and relaxed gatherings by the water.

If history is your thing, you will be interested to checkout the old ballast tanks at the far side of the bay. The 'dry dock' of Balmain in mort bay, was built in 1854, it was Australia's first large scale dry dock!

There is unmetered parking nearby so it's fine to bring your car! It is also right next to the balmain wharf, so is easy to access via public transport.