Smith's Beach is an iconic Western Australian beach, located in the Yallingup Region, famous for its white beaches, food and wineries. There is plenty to do here - take a walk on the long white beach, surf (decent break), body surf, or just soak up the sun by laying on the beach. If you are lucky enough, you may even see a pod of dolphins which are known to frequent this area.

Smith's beach is generally calmest when an easterly wind is blowing, which is generally in the mornings (be sure to check the wind forecast). While this does have parts which are primarily surfing, there is plenty of calmer areas where families can enjoy shallow water.

There is a cafe, Lamont's located at the hotel near the beach car-park, which the public can access. Lamont's serves decent coffee and take-away food as well as offering sit-down meals.

Car is the only particle way of accessing this beach. Parking is somewhat limited, but generally sufficient unless you are visiting during ultra-peak periods.