Pack a picnic lunch and take a trip to Heaton Lookout near Cooranbong. The road is a fairly easy drive for all cars into the Watagans National Park.
Once you arrive park your vehicle and check out the scenary from one of the picnic areas. There are basic facilities including a BBQ and public toilet (drop toilet). The views from this area are spectacular. You can see right across the lake and even out onto the ocean if its clear enough.
If you keep driving a couple of kms past the lookout you'll find a fabulous walking track with the best views - it's hard so bring your best walking shoes and plenty of water. Keep driving until you see the building near the very large power pole or TV antenna (I'm not sure what it is) turn right - you will probably want an SUV or 4WD for this section - follow the track down as far as you. Once you can't drive further there's another spectacular view and then a walking track that leads down some stairs. Remember you have to come back the way go in. It's steep and hard going. It's worth the views and you'll find little caves on the way down.
You might get lucky and see the massive lizards! There's lots of birds to listen to and other wildlife too.