Whilst most people know this part of docklands for its food and bars, this can be a good attraction for travellers or people looking to just relax on their weekends. There are many activities here but my favourite part if the walk along the boardwalk with the docked boats in view and a good place to sit around and unwind when the weather is decent.
Weather does not have to be superb, as long as it is not extreme intolerable weather eg: heavy rain or very cold.
Activities include cruises, yachting, ferris wheel, dragon boat racing, wake boarding and boat shows. Great for lovers of boats and the sea! You can even catch a water taxi!
Parking is difficult as so public transport is highly recommended.
There are also great attractions outside the marina for tourists eg: located right next to Etihad stadium.
There are always entertaining things to do, and when evening starts to set there are always the restaurants and bars mentioned earlier to finish off a relaxing and enjoyable day. Some of these places can be very interesting and ethnic. Lots of fun even for families.