Cups N saucers is a cute little cafe situated in Raymond Terrace in the Gazebo Center. They do everything from coffee, slices, Pancakes, waffles and shakes. The staff are great people and the service is amazing. Once you order your food you can Almost guarantee to have your food and beverages within 15-20 minuets. I love that almost everything on their menue can be made gluten free! They serve all there items with a side of ice cream Or whipped cream and fruit. My personal favourite is the Caramel banana waffles! Not even the pancake factory can beat these guys when it comes to pancakes. The price is cheap and affordable. Not only do they do pancakes and waffles, they also do a wide range of other breakfast and lunch food. It’s a place for the whole family to sit and enjoy a meal. Opening hours are 7.30am-3pm Weekdays and 7.30am-1pm on Saturday’s.