Down by the beach in Pialba is the perfect playground for the kids, and if they are a little older, the perfect spot for you to relax with a view and a good book while they play. There are two playgrounds next to each other, one designed to be a bit more challenging and is great for 5 year olds and up, also great for adults who want to challenge themselves a bit too!! The other playground is great for the younger ones, though the older ones enjoy it too. There’s also bbqs in the park, a toilet block and some nice picnics tables to sit at and just watch the ocean. At low tide you can take your reef shoes along and explore the rock surfaces on the beach, there’s lots of little creatures to discover among the rocks and you can walk out quite far on them until you hit the water. The beach here isn’t suitable to swim at because of these rocks but they do make a great learning experience for the kids. This is great place to relax and enjoy the view while the kids explore.