The most traditional and favourite wine pairing — Wine and Cheese — will be taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
Top Australian Wines presents…
The ULTIMATE Pairing…
The most original and extraordinary cheese paired with 6 different French Wines.

Get ready to embark on new tastes you’ve never experienced before.
You’ll try 6 glasses of French Wine. And every sip is artfully paired with the absolute best cheese selection Milk the Cow has to offer.

WHAT: French Wine and cheese matching at Milk The Cow Carlton
WHEN: Saturday 18th July 1PM – 4PM
WHERE: Milk the Cow, Licensed Fromagerie — 323 Lygon St., Carlton VIC 3053
AVAILABILITY: Seats are going fast!
RESERVATIONS: Call 9500 9307 for phone bookings

You’ve had your share of delicious cheese… but none like this.
A skilled cheesemonger hand selects the cheese that best complements each wine.
You’ve had your share of wine… but none like this.
The sommeliers at Top Australian Wines bring some exceptional French Wine.

You’ll discover some cheeses that are nutty and salty. Others that are floral and herbaceous.
And still others that are sweet, creamy and complex.
And every wine poured will pair perfectly with the cheese of choice.

The Ultimate Pairing: Cheese + French Wine