In summertime I always love relaxing on the beach having sunbath.
Brisbane has surprised me another time, because we all knows that's a town on a river... but it also have a "fake" beach , created to those who have no time to go outside the city and would enjoy the sea close to home.
I discovered it some weeks ago, when it was the "Aussie day". Walking along the bridge that connect Botanic Garden to South Bank, I went to Parklands, because there were some singers playing and singing. The Park in the opposite side of the CBD is beautiful, there are several plants (with banners that explain origins and give infos) and coloured flowers everywhere. It was so hot and I saw some people wearing swimsuits, so I followed a group of girls and I see that beautiful beach, close to a public swimming pool for children. I really found sand (!!!) and a little sea full of people.
It's a kind of large swimming pool with different depth, but with something special. I really like it, but I think is better enjoying it during the week, when people are working. Little treasure, totally public.