Brisbane offers different kind of restaurant probably because it's a multicultural city and people from all over the world love having here their personal "mark". Every food's culture of the world is here, with different prices and choices and that's one of the reason I love staying here.
I want to try always several type of food, I get bored very fast so I need to chang what I eat almost every day.
Some weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were walking in CBD, it was Friday afternoon.
We wanted try something different for dinner, but we did't want spend a lot of money.
So we looked for something cute , where there weren't so many tourists.
We discovered this place, where only asian people were, so we quickly took a look on the menu and we decided to sit.
There isn't a great choice, but every meal is served in a giant plate (and we didn't know before trying it...). So we ordered an appetizer (fried tofu) and two main courses (a seafood and veggie soup and a meat & rice). Everything was very very spicy... anyway... God! How delicious they were! The price wasn't high at all, we were really satisfied (and full) and we finished our evening walking hoping to digest everything.