Make sure you pack a picnic blanket, dinner and a good bottle of wine. Don't forget to pack some mozzie repellent, just in case. Start your adventure in the afternoon 1 hour prior to sunset. This way you can enjoy daytime and night time photography. Drive to the end of Pacific Blvd and park your car. There are toilets for your use at the car park. You will need to walk on foot to the water tower. It is a walk that requires fair fitness. There is a path the whole way. You will be greeted by a vision of the water themed painted water tower. The mural that was painted in 2015 is a magnificent sight in its self. Even better is the spectacular water views. Make sure you take your camera to take photos towards Caloundra and Mooloolaba way. Find a great vantage point on the grass to have your picnic and relax the afternoon and evening away with romantic conversation and picturesque views.