You may or may not have heard of Kangaroo Points. The place is fairly popular for the botanical parks and the cliffs which are often used for rock climbing by rock climbers. If you have been to Kangaroo Points before, good, you probably know what I'm going to be talking about, but if not, you really have to visit this place.

Kangaroo Points is a place where you can practically do anything and everything you want. You can have your daily jog at the place, surrounded by beautiful trees and aesthetic riverside views as you jog will definitely lift your mood. Kangaroo Points is also filled with a lot of picnic places for your family to spend a relaxing day by the river and have some nice barbecue. You can also definitely just have a walk in the park and encounter some beautiful ornaments around and take photos of them for tourism purposes.

What I love to do at this place is to have a walk starting from where the cliffs are, all the way to the Story Bridge and back to where I begin. As I mentioned in my other posts, I often go to Kangaroo Points with my friend. We love short trips where we can just explore and have an adventurous wander at places. We also like to take photos of the place we visit and talk about it on our social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

You can visit this place in the morning or at night because, in my opinion, Kangaroo Points is beautiful either way. Although, I do prefer night walks better because it is admittedly less hot than during the day in the summer. Also because at night, the lights on the Story Bridge light up so beautifully that you can just look at it for hours.

If you want to have a little walk through someplace relaxing, or maybe a jog with fresh air and covered by the trees so the sun won't hurt you, Kangaroo Points is definitely a go-to place. Also, if you're a rock climbing fanatic, this place also lets you climb on the cliffs - it would be thrilling, but fun! Very enjoyable place to chill out with friends and family. Very recommended!