Visit Belem, the Historic part of Lisboa. It also happens to be the backdrop for Vasco Da Gama’s launch pad for all his explorations in the Americas. Head to Belem Tower, for a view of a military fort that protect Lisboa against enemy attacks. If the weather is gloomy which is rare, simple head over to the Jeronimos monastery with all its Gothic style designs.

Belem is a beautiful place to wander on for hours on end. However, if you need a little re-charging, simply lay down in the big and beautiful Belem park for a quick power nap.

Another must see part of Belem is the historic Belem Pasteis De Nata, otherwise and famously known as the Portuguese Custard Tart. This is the original Pasteis De Nata. Do not let the long lines deter you from trying this famous Tart. The lines that you will see are actually the take away section. Simply walk into the café through the crowd and it will open up to a vast sit down area. At times during the summer peak season, there might be a 5-10 minutes wait, but I promise, it is totally worth it. Be sure to order a cup of coffee and at least two pasteis de nata. Why two? Because you will gobble up the first one upon your first bite and the second pasteis is to savour the flavours!