Recreational abalone fishing activity is great fun. All that is required are some tools like an abalone gauge and flat head screwdriver, and a licence. The licence for abalone costs $45 a year and is available online on the website. Snorkeling gear, or at least a mask, is useful. A wet suit is not necessary though I wear a rashie for warmth and protection.

Abalone fishing is available 4 times a year, on Saturday mornings from Dec to March. Exact dates and times are posted on the website.

The handbook on the site is essential reading, it provides information of the minimum size and maximum quantity of abalone that is allowed to be taken. Be warned, it’s important to adhere to these rules as government officials patrol the areas and check the hauls, and the rules also ensure a sustainable pattern of abalone fishing.

My favorite spot is Mettam’s Pool. The abalone are plentiful, easy to access and the fishing areas are shallow and protected. You can wade out and remain in waist high water. Just follow the crowd!

My favorite recipe to have cook my catch is in a slow cooker, after which I served thinly sliced in broth. Yum!